What does the ping do and what can i do with it?

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If i ping something it shows me 99ms std dev

303ms max and 128 is the average, im not sure what im even pinging. I named it jeffery Episteins iphone


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    Hi @ScubaSteve, these days talking to one self is kind of normal..  :-)

    Anyway, you use ping to see if you can reach a device across the network and how long it took.  That could be a device on your home network, or a web site in the internet like google.  The 99ms is telling you how long it took to reach the site, on average.  Sometimes you can use the time it took to reach the device or site as a way to see if you have issues.  If you know that it normally takes 20ms and now you see its taking 99ms, you know something could possibly be up.