SSID for BSSID isn’t my SSID

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Recently have had a large number of SSID’s pop up as wifi points and I’ve had my devices behaving strangely (pw resets, device system changes etc) so I tried to hunt a little further. Connecting to my 2.5 SSID I ran a network diagnostic that have me the list of available wifi points, including the bssid. On my other laptop again connected to my ssid I did the following in command prompt after googling how to check Mac/ip addresses... I pinged then entered arp -a, the physical address it said I was connected to was the bssid for an SSID in the network diagnostics report on the other laptop that I don’t know. 
Adding photos. 

Greatly appreciate any help provided 🙏


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    Hi, it’s difficult to guess what’s going on from the prints. Could you please run “ipconfig /all” from the dos prompt, without the quotes, and post the results here (there will be a few pages) which may help us see what is happening. Please redact any personally identifiable information prior to posting.