I purchased a fingbox and have to now pay for premium services?



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    Hi all,

    Once again, thank you everybody for your feedback on recent changes to Timeline Reporting & Monthly Performance report on Fingbox.

    As promised, we have heard you and have completed the following:

    1. We compiled all of your feedback regarding Timeline reporting & Monthly Performance report and communicated this with our Product team for consideration.
    2. Reached out to a sample group of Fingbox users to take part in a ‘Focus Group’ to discuss this feedback
    3. Some of you reported confusion that the Vulnerability tool was not working from your ‘Home’ tab and was appearing as a Premium feature, even though you have a Fingbox. To confirm, the Vulnerability tool still worked from the Fingbox Dashboard, but I completely appreciate how this caused confusion.

    Please see below the feedback & updates in relation to the concerns raised:

    Based on your feedback we are making the following changes:

    ·        Monthly Performance Reports:  The Internet Performance Report is a most-loved feature, which we spent quite some time in restructuring and improving on recently. The detailed calendar and day-by-day account appeal mostly to PROs, that are also likely to be Premium members, and clog up the report for the not-interested audience, hence the restriction.

    However, after reviewing your feedback, it is clear that there is a wider user base who found this feature beneficial. We are going to reinstate Internet reports details in full.

    ·        Timeline Reporting: We want to leverage its content to the full extent rather than cold-storing it (or worse, having to delete the content), as it provide tremendous value to understand and optimize the network. We’ve not been able so far to provide analysis about the presence, the power consumption, the access to comparison in the App spanning longer periods. These evolutions require more resources to ensure the same level of quality is preserved to all Fingboxes.

    While reducing the access to the Internet Report was more about simplifying the content, limiting the timeline is a resource-conscious activity that we might tune but definitely needs to take place. Considering this, along with your feedback, we are going to expand the Timeline Reporting period to 3 months.

    ·       Vulnerability Tool: as mentioned, we escalated the feedback about the Vulnerability tool not working from the ‘Home’ tab in the app. I agree that this was confusing. This change has been made this week, and now the vulnerability tool will now function from the Home tab (not just on the Fingbox dashboard) if you have a Fingbox (even if you are not subscribed to Fing Premium).


    Ok, so when will these changes take place?

    As mentioned, the change to the Vulnerability tool has been implemented already. The changes to the Timeline reporting & the Monthly performance report will be implemented by the end of November (in time for your November Monthly Report). The change will be retroactive for October also (i.e. you will be able manually to download a report for October also)


    To close…

    As mentioned, we have not and have no intention of removing existing Fingbox functionality. Also, we will be adding additional features for Fingbox, however this will be part of the Fing Premium Subscription.

    Thank you once again for your feedback & I hope you enjoy the improvements made based on your feedback.


    Ciaran, Robin & wider Fing Team

    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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    Hello I am using a fingbox purchased several months ago but now you are offering me a premium subscription to take advantage of some functions, is this normal? do i have to pay even if i have the fingbox?

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    Hi @Mattia
    I have merged your ticket with a same enquiry in another discussion. Please check.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Unable to view detailed history of events on Fing box app anymore, long time Fing box owner now being pushed into premium subscription at every turn.
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