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I was supposed to there would be anybody out there that could explain and answer some questions on occasion. I would like to know more about using certificates. Have got the resources needed to put together a small Network of whatever we would need to learn and test from. I also like to learn more about the proper care maintenance of a network so as to not be chasing down event after the fact but instead be preventing it. Is there anybody out there that has some spare time and patience? Preferably I'd like to find somebody that was available for a little bit of time a couple times a week.


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    Issue with doing a small Network is what are you going to do with it? I have 2 servers one for Media (Video, Pictures, Music) The other runs my Network Cameras. I have 2 Raspberry Pi that are used for File backup and Document/Software storage. When your talking about a small Network do you have a plain as to the use of it?