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I am not really a computer person but I do try. We have invited a friends daughter to stay with us and she brought her boyfriend. They both work as IT employees. Since they have been in our home 3 weird ports just happen to have opened and they immediately told me that this port is supposed to connect to the internet. Like how they knew that information that fast just proves that they messed with our system. Anyway it’s port 53, 5009 and 10000.  I don’t believe them at all that it’s the connection to the internet when it was not opened before they got here and the internet was working fine.  Apparently after confronting them the ports 5009 and 10000 were closed. I just don’t understand how someone is invited into your home and reconfigures your internet without your permission. My question is what is port 53?

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    @Lwms1973, most routers have a feature called UPNP or universal plug and play.  That is a process where a PC, phone, tablet etc on your network can request a port be opened for communication to the internet.  Many folks turn this off as a security measure and you can generally do this from your routers configuration app or its web admin console.  

    I'm not saying they did or did not do this nefariously, but keep in mind that UPNP in conjunction with an app can open a port without them knowing (usually an app requests it when its running or when run).  Your best bet, if your concerned, is to turn off UPNP and reboot your router.  That should stop these ports from automatically opening again.
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