I tried to purchase premium but was declined. Help!

I tried to purchase premium, but my card was charged $42 twice and declined due to suspicious activity.  After calling my credit card company, they indicated I should try the purchase again.  I tried, but my account says I already have premium activated but it appears to be the free trial version.  I updated my payment method in my account profile.  Am I all set or is there other action needed on my account?


  • Ciaran
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    Hi @GManT, I am sorry to hear you are having issues subscribing to Fing Premium. To confirm, your card was not charged. I have messaged you a private mail with a further update. thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)

  • GManT
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    I tried, but the rate now says $59.  How do I get the $42 promo rate?
  • Robin_from_Fing
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    GManT said:
    I tried, but the rate now says $59.  How do I get the $42 promo rate?
    As I can see you already have a support ticket open. Please reply to your support ticket so we can help you directly and keep all information under one application. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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