How do I match an iphone in Fing to the actual phone?

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I have 4 iphones. None of their MAC addresses match the addresses in Fing. I've tried turning off Wifi so the phones are offline, and clicking Refresh, but nothing changes in the Fing iphone goes offline, so that method is not helpful to identify the phone. 

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    Hi @KGill, try this.  On each iPhone, under its settings and its WiFi settings in iOS, choose the wifi network you're trying to scan.  Click in that wifi networks settings and deselect "Private Address".  

    This is a "network by wifi network" setting so it will not turn it off for any other wifi network you use.  What is happening is that the iPhone with that setting on, will create a random Mac address so your phone cannot be traced.  While this is helpful on a public network, its not that necessary on your home network.  Once off your actual Mac addressed us now displayed by Fing and you should be able to resolve these much more easily.
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