Fing generating false errors

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Fing says I have no internet connection. However it passes my DNS and I can connect to anything on the internet. Note this question was asked before but the operation of this community won't allow me to continue that thread. Thus there are two problem: 1) false negatives with Fing, and 2) bad software on the page


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    Hi @Steve300

    to help isolate the issue, please perform the following steps: 

    1. What is 'Home' healthcheck saying? if you can share a screenshot or even better a shared report, it would be very helpful. 

    2. Share the output of commands: 'ipconfig' and 'route print' from command line 

    3. Share the agent log: To access the agent log files: 


      • Click on the Fing Desktop version in the bottom-left hand side of the screen 

      • This will display two folders to open. We will need specific files from each of these folders. 

      • Firstly, click on 'Open App Log Folder' 

      • When the folder opens, we will now need to compress and share the log.log file (titled 'log' - all lowercase). To compress and share: right click on the file; choose 'Send to' & then choose 'Compressed zip folder'. 

      • Back in Fing Desktop, now click on the 2nd folder 'Open Service Log Folder' 

      • Compress all files inside the Service Log folder and follow the same process as previous.  

      • Please attach both compressed files to your e-mail response to us. 

    4. Finally, please copy and paste the following URL into your browser "". This will then display device information. Please copy and paste the text into your reply and DM to me

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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