Cannot see my computer and others on LAN cannot see my computer in network

I have been networking since 1980 when I was building my own cables and using a COM port so this is just a little frustrating. I am an IBM AS.400 (iSeries) software developer/analyst and transferring data from different systems is my speciality but for the first time I cannot share a folder on my LAN for another laptop to perform an image backup. I spent last night looking at ETL and XML files created by the network troubleshooter.
I have tons of info. I could post but this is the most current.

&lt;/Answers&gt;</Data></InputArguments><OutputArguments/></Function><Function id="Diagnose" name="Diagnose"><Data id="RunningTime" name="Running Time">22046</Data><Data id="StatusCode" name="Status Code">0x0</Data><InputArguments/><OutputArguments><Data id="Result" name="Results">&lt;?xml version="1.0"?&gt;
&lt;Rootcauses Version="1.0"&gt;&lt;Rootcause&gt;&lt;ID&gt;{BAA4467D-8F57-4739-879B-2CF78298177B}&lt;/ID&gt;&lt;DisplayInformation&gt;&lt;Name&gt;The default gateway is not available&lt;/Name&gt;&lt;Description&gt;The default gateway is a device that connects a local network or computer to the Internet. A broadband modem or router is usually the default gateway.&lt;/Description&gt;&lt;/DisplayInformation&gt;&lt;Status&gt;Not Checked&lt;/Status&gt;&lt;Verifiable&gt;true&lt;/Verifiable&gt;&lt;Resolutions&gt;&lt;Resolution&gt;&lt;ID&gt;{07d37f7b-fa5e-4443-bda7-ab107b29afb9}&lt;/ID&gt;&lt;DisplayInformation&gt;&lt;Name&gt;Reset the "%InterfaceName%" adapter&lt;/Name&gt;&lt;Description&gt;This can sometimes resolve an intermittent problem.&lt;/Description&gt;&lt;/DisplayInformation&gt;&lt;RequiresConsent&gt;false&lt;/RequiresConsent&gt;&lt;Script&gt;&lt;RequiresElevation&gt;false&lt;/RequiresElevation&gt;&lt;RequiresInteractivity&gt;false&lt;/RequiresInteractivity&gt;&lt;/Script&gt;&lt;ExtensionPoint&gt;
&lt;/Resolution&gt;&lt;Resolution&gt;&lt;ID&gt;{9513cc1c-4a26-4cb8-bf89-0a82129bd105}&lt;/ID&gt;&lt;DisplayInformation&gt;&lt;Name&gt;Investigate router or broadband modem issues&lt;/Name&gt;&lt;Description&gt;If you're connected to a hotspot or domain network, contact the network administrator. Otherwise:

I'm hoping someone has seen this before and knows a quick fix.
If useful I have my complete XTU specs. posted on

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz   3.50 GHz
16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable)
Windows 10 Pro
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.31.0



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    Thank you for your reply. Due to audio latency issues that I could not solve I just recently performed a clean install. I could not listen to any audio without it sounding like a record skipping. I am just now getting Fing re-installed.