Internet Speed Test: wrong Speed and Location

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Dear Fing Box Team,

The internet test with Fing box is not correct. It shows roughly 300 Mbps, but I have 500 Mbps (proven with other measurement tools). Second it shows Milan, IT. Though location is Switzenand. Looks like it measures something else than my ISP which is Swisscom.

As it is a integral part and idea of Fing box, this must work correct.

who can help or had similar issues?

best regards




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    Hi @Marc_St...  For the speed issue, Fing uses mLabs for test results.   Go to this site and test after you do a Fing test and let us know if the results vary.

    As for the location and ISP, see this thread...

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    If I check on webpage, speed differs in sense that it is constantly going up. But it is not long enough testing. Speed is higher, but not correct.

    Location, I speak about the Speed Test location not the Fing Box Location, which is correct.

    Fing Team: I get the feeling you not Test directly from Box and juts outsourced it. Very disadvantaged how you do it - you have the box, so use it!!!

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