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Hi - never paid for Pro subscription and never had ads in the fing app. Now all of a sudden I do. Had to pay for pro to get rid of them. What's up with that



  • Pixel
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    The free version has always had the Advertisements, I’m not sure why you didn’t previously get them. The advertisements are, as you discovered, removed on the pro version.
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    Hi  @Stanz358, I can see that you have a Fingbox. With a Fingbox, you should not be seeing ads. If you are, just ensure that you are logged into the Fing account associated with Fingbox (check the Account tab). If you are see ads with a Fingbox, it would generally suggest you are either logged into a different account or not logged in at all. If you need any further help, however, dont hesitate to ask. thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)