Latest Fing Desktop for windows 10 Fails to install

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My Fing desktop for Windows 10 wo´nt start since the installation of Avira virus scanner
Trying to install the latest version of Fing Desktop, it fails also , without any message

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    Hi @Cvers

    With the new version, we have replaced winPcap with NpCap. I would like you to follow these steps and the issue should be resolved.  

    -> Uninstall WinpCap using Revo(if possible)  

    -> Disable the Npcap driver service and then uninstalled the program. To disable NpCap:  
    1 Run this command as an admin: sc.exe config npcap start= disable  
    2 Uninstall Npcap  

    -> Reboot your device to safe mode with networking  

    ->Download and install new Fing desktop version and then open it.  

    -> Reboot to normal mode and then check if it works for you.  

    I will be looking forward to your reply.  

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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