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On the phone app, I've found the People tab, as well as the timeline accessed through the People tab (under "Who's at home") to be very useful, as it helps me know when certain people are in the home. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find either of those on Fing Desktop (nor can I find it on the web app, for that matter), and sometimes, I want to view that information without having to pull out my phone to view it. I can view the events on the desktop app, but they're not tied to people, and it's difficult to remember which MAC is whose. Am I just not seeing where to view those two features, or are they just not available on the desktop app? I'm using a Mac, and I have the premium subscription, if either makes a difference.

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    Hi @GregoryS
    The features that you mentioned is of Fingbox and right now, fing desktop has not been integrated with Fingbox. If anything change in near future, we will let all users know. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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