New Category Introduction: 'Community User Guides'

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As our Community continues to grow & new members join, we will be posting some ‘How to Guides’ + videos. We have named these 'Community User Guides' :smile:

Hopefully, you will find this useful.


What are 'Community User Guides'?

A 'Community User Guides' is any post, guide, manual, video etc. that may help members use, navigate and, in general, get the most of the Fing community.


Where can we find them?

We have set up a new category in the Community called ‘'Community User Guides'’. Go to the ‘Categories’ section on the left-hand side of the Community display.


How often will a new one be posted?

We will post a new 'Community User Guides' approx. once a month, or whenever required.


Can I post a 'Community User Guides'?

Absolutely, we are all part of this Community. The more members that get involved, the better. If you have any ideas for a ‘Community User Guides', please direct message @robin/@ciaran to avoid any duplication in topics. We would love to hear from you.

Please see our First 'Community User Guide' here.

Thank you & Happy Posting!!!

Robin (Admin at Fing)
Getting Started? Please refer to Community guidelines & Community User Guides. HAPPY POSTING!!!
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