Wuhan starting it's cyber attack?

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Fing is recognizing a device on my network as Wuhan Fiberhome Digital Technology. It connects randomly and then immediately disconnects. I never get enough time to troubleshoot/ping this device before it goes offline. I cannot pinpoint a specific device that would be causing this. I've checked all of my mac addresses for each device and are all accounted for. I have not added anything new to the network for months and this has been happening with the past couple weeks (I've deleted it from the fing device list and it comes back later and adds itself back to the device

list) which means it could be a spoofed mac address or Wuhan is starting it's cyber attack. Joking aside, or not, it is very concerning.

Any suggestions on how to track this rogue mac address?


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    Wuhan FiberHome Digital Technology Co., Ltd. FiberHome Digital belongs to the FiberHome Technologies Group;it engages in the business of Intelligent Surveillance Security Management which is based on the internet of things IOT structure. FiberHome Digital is famous for products of Intelligent Management、Storage、 Network and Terminal. Intelligent Surveillance Security Management product and solution have been widely applied in the Public Security, Emergency Dealing, Tourism, Safety Supervision, Confidential Security, Peoples Defense, Petrochemical Industry, Telecommunication Operating, Railway, Financial Security, Power Security and other fields.

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    Wow. Interesting. Did you find it?

    Keep us informed

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    You got smart smoke detectors or doorbell, security camera or other smart devices your not thinking of? Or close by neighbors that used your internet one day cause there's isn't working!! Even if the device is off they can still show up. Any software on your PC that acts like a AP or device connection? Your hacker buddy came over and plugged a usb device into desktop under desk or usb cord?