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Most of my network is IPv6. I want to know if I can tell with the new devices come on the network the way the old fingbox used to with ipv4. I did read somewhere in the FAQ that ipv6 supports presence detection and with new device detection. Can you confirm this? Is it supported on original fingbox?



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    Hi @symgryph, official statement from Fing and IPv6... From this link

    Question:  Will the new look Fingbox support IPv6? 
    Similarly with the original Fingbox, The following Fingbox features are compatible with networks that use either IPv4 or IPv6 or both:
    • Digital Presence
    • Intruder and hacker alerts
    • Vulnerability and threat detection
    • Network and device alerts
    • Wi-Fi speed tests
    • ISP Ranking
    • Digital Fence
    Due to technical differences between the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols the following features may provide unexpected results in networks where IPv6 and IPv4 are both enabled. They will not function in networks that are solely IPv6:
    • Internet blocking & pausing
    • Bandwidth analysis
    The majority of modem routers can use either IPv4 or IPv6. We recommend disabling IPv6 on your internal network in order to fully utilize all the features of your Fingbox. Please consult your routers user guide for information on how to do this on your network.

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    Was wondering if there is an option to display IPv6 addresses as well? I see support for IPv6 but no IPv6 address is on my fingbox v1

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