Ethernet & wi-fi drop dead simultaneously; reboot required

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My Mac Mini has started dropping its wi-fi and Ethernet connections every 2-3 days for no apparent reason.  Unplugging Ethernet and/or turning off the wi-fi hardware will not clear the problem.  Nothing short of a reboot will clear the problem.  Any insight?  It began about the time I installed a new router; could this possibly be router-related?


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    @Pooh @Lee_Bo @kltaylor @Ajax @adam anything to add? 

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    I assume the new router also produces the wifi?    Install a wifi channel browsing tool on your smartphone and check for other channels on the same channel as your new router.    

    If the new routers wifi channel is set to "auto" it isn't necessarily set to the best channel so you may well want to try changing it based on the results of using a channel scanning app.
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    What model\year Mac Mini are you running and what version of OSX?

    Also, what's the Make and model of the router? You always connected via WiFi or Ethernet (your post didn't make that totally clear, hence my question)
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    Did you Daisy chained the new router with the existing one or you just replaced ir?

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    Did you Daisy chained the new router with the existing one or you just replaced ir?

    That's a good, and important question.  If you added the router to your existing network, then it would explain the dropping and such that you're experiencing.
    As  @Pooh mentioned, what is the make and year of the Mac Mini?  What OS version is installed on it?  Is this the only device on the network that's exhibiting this issue?
    How many devices are connected (estimate) to the wireless?  Are the SSID's different betweeb2.4 and 5 GHz?   If so, do you receive the same issue when you connect to both or just one of the bands?
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