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can you please add the following device types to the list of types i will get if i tap on a device
-> device details -> edit -> device symbol/icon:

- powerline (German: Powerline)
- solar inverter (German: Wechselrichter)
- solar battery (German: Solarbatterie)
- photovoltaic system (German: Solaranlage or Photovoltaikanlage)
- network converter (German: Netzwerk-Konverter) 
- signal converter (German: Signalumwandler)

And it would be good if it is possible to assign to types/(icon)symbols to a device, one for the type of the device itself (like signal converter) and another for the (signal) transport medium (like cable, wireless, radio transmission)

Can you also please add the new devolo models like 
- devolo Magic 1 (WiFi)
- devolo Magic 2 (WiFi)
to the list at "Device details -> Find the exact model = device model list" 

At least a small suggestion:
After tapping on a decice in the device list i get the "network details" in the lower part of the app screen. The first detail is the device IP. Can you please make this IP tappable/clickable thus it opens a web browser with this IP [and standard port 80] (maybe with the option to choose the browser like chrome, firefox etc. from the installed browsers) - this would be shorter and easier than using "Find open ports" and tapping on port 80 to get the option to open it with a web browser (and i'm sure not everyone knows this way at all).
(All the above is also intended for the desktop version)

Ralf from Germany
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    @Ralf_AM, i made this a vote-able idea and moved to the feature request area for you.
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    Thanks for the suggestion 
    I will pass this suggestion to our developers for consideration. For other users who would like to get this idea implemented, please upvote the initial post. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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