i just spent all morning renaming my devices (72 of them) now they are gone?

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i used the MAC codes to be able to identify all my devices and put in a specific name to identify them. Suddenly the Fing program on windows 10 desktop started going slow, so i closed the program and then it wouldnt reopen? eventually i got it running again but all my hard work is lost, any ideas??


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    Hi @JB00007, I moved this question to the desktop area for relevance.  @Robin, any idea’s as to what could cause this behavior?
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    As an additional point, I have started my HP Envy laptop this morning, running windows 10 and Fing won’t open at all?

    it will open and run on my iPhone 11?

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    I uninstalled FING and reinstalled, now it opens and guess what, all my descriptions have come back 👍

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