Multi-homed Router Support

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Someone started a similar thread about multi-WAN support, but I couldn't find any updates since it moved to the feature request thread.  I'm currently using a Synology RT2600AC router that supports multi-homed WAN connectivity with load balancing and fail-over automation between multiple WAN/ISP connections.  This includes cellular devices, BTW.  I was using a work phone as a cellular backup for the constant Comcast/Xfinity outages that happen in our area throughout the year but now I've switched to two full time ISPs (Comcast & AT&T).  The setup is configured to load balance evenly between the two services and fail-over/fail-back if there's an outage.  It appears that my Fingbox doesn't recognize this capability yet so I'm curious if there's any movement towards supporting these features and reporting on them.  It would be nice if it could recognize when traffic is taking a different route in/out of my private network.  And/or maybe when things like DNS addresses or assigned WAN gateways change.  This is a common indicator as to which ISP is active for certain traffic.  I'm not sure if this can be coded into the Fingbox as a client on the network or if it needs to be in line with the router and the private network, acting more as a packet broker than a sniffer.  I haven't upgraded to Premium yet since I'm getting what I need from the basic services but I'd definitely be more interested in the advanced reporting and tool set of Premium if they included more multi-WAN/Multi-homed capabilities.  Thanks.


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    I know little about the Synology device, as I'm using Untangle. It would make it easier for Fing (or anyone else) to query the router via UPnP for the outside IP. However there are several problems with that. If the router is switching rapidly (load balancing) then it will not be able to discern the routing since both are active. Any local device will only see a real indication when the router goes into the fail-over mode, as that will show a steady single outside IP address. The better bet is to look at the logs that Synology provides. Those will truly understand the WAN routing tables and be able to give you an indication of how much traffic is going through each WAN connection.