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With ios 14 Apple has introduced private WiFi address (see here ) which is essentially a different mac address for each network. For those of us with 2.4 and 5Ghz networks this is driving me nuts. Apple devices with latest firmware appear twice with differing mac addresses.

Consequently, their ‘presence’ swaps device depending upon which network they are connected to.

Is there a way that we can reconcile both addresses to a single user so that both mac addresses are used for their presence.

Without a workaround the presence feature is pretty unusable.

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    Not a great work-around, but, for your guests, if you haven't already, and, if available, you can enable your router's "guest network", and give them that password. Per the Fing Knowledge Base:

    "The Fingbox can only monitor a single network, hence it cannot monitor guest networks or any multiples of networks. Guest Network is separate from the main network and creates a separate network gateway so none of the devices from the guest network can access the main network. Fingbox can only manage one network gateway on which it is activated on."

    Yes, it is still a "pain", but you'd only have to enable it/ask them (guests) to change to it, once. As for the "people in the house", they "should" only have to disable private MAC addresses, for your wifi network, once, or a few times, depending on how your network is set up (ie, if you have several access points, extenders, etc). Hopefully, Fing can find a solution. Again, I know this isn't the best or even good solution/work-around, but it may help.



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    Hi @VAB, have you taken a look at this link from Fing on how ios14 devices with Fing are affected and what to do to mitigate for the time being?
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    Hi @Marc ,

    I hadn’t seen it thanks but it’s a little irritating to ask all of my guests and people in the house to change their settings each time they connect.

    Hopefully Fing will work out a way that we don’t have to mess around with settings on every device.

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    Thanks @Scooby

    I have actually enabled the guest network and all user devices and guests are on it but as it uses the ‘home’ router’s dhcp it still actually sees the devices on both the guest and ‘home’ network as if they were all on the ‘home’ network.

    I even have an AP running with a different ssid but again, as it uses the ‘home’ router dhcp it sees those devices too and acts like they are on the ‘home’ network.

    So it looks like everyone has to config the workaround on their Apple devices until Fing finds a way to reconcile the differing mac’s to a single user.

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    In the write-up about the problems that MAC addresses are causing in IOS14 it says:
    "This new restriction, on the other hand, will not cause any problems for the iOS version of Fing, because since the release of iOS 11, IP addresses are used to index devices connected to a network, and therefore the introduction of MAC addresses randomisation does not impact the app in any way."
    As the IOS version of Fing apparently uses the IP address of the device to index devices in the network, why can't Fing do the same with the other apps as until there is a solution I am turning off my Fingbox as the constant notifications are driving me nuts. 
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