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    KayJay said:
    Hey, has anyone else noticed that the Fing Desktop app will periodically lose your network and "discover" a new one? 
    @KayJay i have seen this behaviour before & if it’s the same then the following article may help : -
    The problem may be caused by having multiple network adapters active e.g. wifi & ethernet 🤞🏼
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    I can see why the desktop versions and the mobile app don't (or won't) integrate with each other.  For example, when I do a network assessment at a customer location using either my Macbook Pro or iPhone, I don't want that network to integrate with my personal network information.  But there should be an option to allow integration on a location by location basis.  Until that happens, the only thing I'm using my Fingbox for is to automatically block new devices, which allows me to see who or what is trying to connect and I can allow it or not.
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    Any word on this yet? I just spent a loooooong time correctly identifying all the devices on my fingbox network using the iphone app, came to the desktop and wondered why the devices weren't identified any more. I get everyone's use case is different, but for me I travel (or used to) and so I would love to use the desktop app to manage my fingbox network. Give us the option!
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