Fing does not take reserved IP from DHCP

ctopia Member Posts: 1
I have assigned a static IP in my DHCP for Fingbox ( using its MAC (f023b9ec1533) but Fing does not get assigned this IP. It seems Fing sends wrong MAC and gets a dynamic IP from DHCP (

However, Fing account shows the MAC sent is correct:

I have tried to reset Fingbox using the pin in the back (but not sure if it did reset or not).


  • Marc
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    Hi @ctopia , could you take a look at the Fingbox from the mobile app and verify that it’s showing the same info?  I believe your showing the Fingbox from, right?
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  • AJShaikh
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    If Fing browser access shows a different info than Fing's app then that itself is critical system error.
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