Nest Devices + IP addresses

I see that there have been past posts regarding Nest devices not showing IP addresses while they are connected to the host site and live.
The Ubiquiti Controller shows the Nest Products ( Thermo and Protect ) and assigned IP's, but no active info show in the fing search. 

With both desktop Mac version & IOS.

Interested if anyone has found a solution. If memory serves me correctly, I believe they did show up in previous releases. 




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    Hi @dlsinger03 thanks for asking  your question.
    I'm assuming that you can PING the devices if you discover what IP they are and it responds normally?
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    Haven't seen a solution for that as of yet, but about the only thing I'm using Fing for is to block new devices, so I use my Ubiquiti controller to see installed hardware and client devices (and associated IP addresses).
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    Thanks for your input, will continue to monitor new releases 
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