With Extender, Fing app duplicates my network

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I just installed the telco-provided WiFi Extender (E3200) for my Verizon Fios Service (G3100 router). I’m using the Fing app for IOS and the Fing Desktop for Windows. I scanned the network from an endpoint connected to the extender. But when I go to the opposite side of the house (closer to the router), Fing treats it as a distinct network (with same name). This is problematic because I spent time updating the metadata about my devices on the first instance of my network (scanned from the externder), but I’ve lost all that visibility now when directly connected to the router. Can I merge the two networks inside Fing app?

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    @jondis96 , please see the below from @robin and let us know if it works for you... (Linked from here)

    "... As we have investigated, the reason for two networks is due to multiple access points are present on your network might be with same SSID or different SSID. If the SSID names are same and if different BSSID is being scanned, then it will create a second network. To resolve this, you can merge the networks with same name from the web app and when you will run the scan again next time from any access point then only one network will remain. 

     You can verify the BSSID section(access points) and see if all access points are different in all duplicate networks.

    Please follow these steps:  
    1. Open the Fing App  
    2. Click on the Network Tab  
    3. Click on the Network Details section(This is the directly under your network name)  
    4. Scroll down and locate the Access Point Section  
    5. You will be able to see the BSSID with an option on the right to remove it. "

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    Thanks!  I had to root around in the webapp a bit, but found it.
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