Way to override Fingbox DNS provider settings?

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I'm trying to move all the devices in my network away from my ISP, and I've setup pi-hole to handle those requests going forward.  I'm handing out the pi-hole IP via DHCP and most every device on my network is now using pi-hole for DNS... except the FingBox is exceptional. It's either hard-coded or stuck and won't emit any DNS queries that I can see to pi-hole.  Is there something I am missing to persuade the Fingbox to use the DNS that is being handed to it via DHCP when it boots up?

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I don't see a way from the Fing app on my smartphone to change how my local Fingbox handles DNS queries....It just says, "Network configuration .... Dynamic IP"



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    Hi @jthigh71 , lets see what Fing says.  @Robin , would you be able to tell us if the Fingbox uses hard coded DNS or does it use the DNS servers that ones DHCP server assigns?
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    Thanks @Marc
    Fingbox is not hardcoded and uses DNS servers that the DHCP server assigns. 
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