Web interface is gone without warning along with my remote access to other networks?

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Yesterday in the middle of using the Fing desktop interface it disappeared without warning and was replaced with a page redirecting me to use the macOS and iOS apps. As a result, I no longer have access to two other Fingboxes in different states to manage family networks. The macOS app does not have a place for me to switch networks and only recognizes my local one. Also, the apps have no place for me to turn off or on ALL notifications of devices as the web interface did. So not sure what's going on.


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    Hi @ChromeAce, I just tried the web app, seems to be working ok.  Can you give it another try?  Also, you might want to clear your browser cache if this persists as a first troubleshooting step.
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    I can further clarify that this happens when I delete the redundant network from the list of networks. I have a Fingbox and am a premium subscriber. Yet the Fingbox network appears along with the web app scan of the same network. So when I delete the redundant network entry (the one that is not the Fingbox), everything disappears. Why do I have to have 2 separate redundant network entries with separate non-synced items in each? And why does the Fing desktop app only show my local network and not the other remote Fingboxes on my account?
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    Hi @ChromeAce

    To address your query, I would like to tell you that if you have Fingbox and then you install Fing desktop then, first of all, you will see multiple networks under your account. Only those networks will merge from Fing mobile app and Fing desktop which are without Fingbox.  

    Also, if you are in the mobile app and then you open Fing Desktop network then names, customization will merge but not with the Fingbox network. And if you have iOS 11+ without mac address and if you run a scan from there, you will see another network w/o any mac address. If you open the network pushed by Fing desktop, you will see it but will not be able to refresh from mobile.  

     Can you try to use Fing desktop and Fingbox without deleting duplicate networks and then check and let me know?

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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