Two accounts, one with FingBox the other with the premium account

How can I move the FingBox to the account with the premium paid version or even the other way around? I only need one account but want the FingBox with the paid subscription.


  • Marc
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    @Robin or @Ciaran, could this be done on the backend or is this something that @JSimo has to do?  I was thinking @JSimo could remove the Fingbox from one account and register it to the other but you folks might have a more elegant way to to do this.
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  • Ciaran
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    Thanks @Marc. @JSimo, the easiest way is to move the Fingbox to the account with the Fing Desktop Premium. To do this, please send a direct message to @Ciaran & @Robin with the following information:
    1) E-mail address currently associated with the Fingbox
    2) MAC address of Fingbox
    3) E-mail of new Fing account (i.e. the one with the Fing Desktop Premium subscription)
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)