Direct tv/ ip network camera ?

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Why is direct tv saying it’s an ip camera under devices on my router and how can I investigate this best to see what’s going on here



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    Thanks for your post. 
    Any useful advice @kltaylor @Marc @Pixelpopper

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    Hi @LynieLoo this is a common problem, most routers will mis-identify some devices and there’s no obvious reason why. Fortunately most routers (Also Fingbox) have editing capabilities which will allow you to enter & save the correct details. Manufacturers hold specific MAC address ranges & the device type can be embedded in the firmware of the device for identification purposes.
    You can check Mac-address identity at (for example) should you wish but the database is by no means comprehensive.

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    @LynieLoo.  Depending on the are difference between your router and the DirecTV device, your router may "think" it's an IP camera because it doesn't have the latest information to correctly identify devices.  It's just a physics law of IT.
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