Think boyfriend hacked my straight talk phone it shows up Verizon and often say no Sims etcetc..?

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Network shows Verizon I'm straight talk often hot and shuts down my data is high slows down sim not detected etc.etc.etc how can I find out if hed hacked me?


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    Hi @Lindy welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    It doesn't sound like you've been hacked, more-so that your hardware is sub-par and failing.  At the very least you can factory reset the phone which will ensure that no one has a software app installed for tracking.  You should also look to see if you have the right SIM card in the phone.  You can also request from your provider for a new SIM card which should be a minimal cost, if at that.
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    I believe Straight Talk uses Verizon's network.
    kltaylor said, reset the phone to factory settings.  That way if any apps were installed without your knowledge, they will get wiped off your phone.
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    Hi, you can reset the phone to factory settings and requesta new SIM card.
    good luck

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    It sounds like it's time for a new boyfriend and a phone reset. 
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    A factory rest is not enough. If he used a program called mobile stealth then you also have to change your numder. Mobile stealth can be put on your phone remotely he doesn't even have to have access to your phone .the factory rest yes change your sim yes but also your phone numder. Then he will be gone . Unless he hacked you buy your email if so I know it's hard buy never use that email again . I had to do all this my self not long ago . Good luck I hope u the best. 1 more thing dont open anytext messages you dont recognize or email

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    There is a app called incognito that checks for spyware like mobile stealth

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    You can also go into your phone settings and find the battery settings and somewhere in there it will tell you all apps that are using up your power (and causing overheating). Usually it will show you the apps in order of battery use so the top of the list used more battery etc. Also if you know what your doing you can open the phone settings and open apps and look for any apps you don't recognize and if you're not sure Google the app name and if you find anything shouldn't be there try uninstall it but some apps give themselves administrator permission so you have to turn off that permission before uninstall will be allowed. Hope this helps as sometimes factory reset is a hassle and should be last resort.

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