Meross Smart WiFi Plug integration using IFTTT : trigger "Which user group ?"

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Hello everyone,
I am trying  to implement a connction between the Meross Smart WiFi Plug and Fingbox in order to poer on and off the webcam accordingly to specific user presence in the house. I am using IFTTT to do that.
The IFTTT Fing connector asks me to select, in a predefined list, "Which user group" has o be checked for presence.
Well, I selected "family" but I'm not able to specify this group in Fing so to fulfill the command.
Is there anyone here that can help me ?
Thanks in advance

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    Hi @Zagor21
    On the Fing app, when you create any user and assign devices to it, you will find a User group over there as well like "Family", "Friends" which will subcategorize into "Him", "Her" etc. These are the user groups you need to select on Fing app. To create a User, please follow these steps:

    • Open Fing App and sign in.
    • Click on Fingbox/Network name from the Home tab
    • Go to ' People' tab and scroll to right on Users list until you see the '+' sign
    • Either choose a contact from the list or create Custom.
    • Fill the details and choose the category: "FAMILY" or Other for that user.
    • Select the device for the user from the list below.
    • Click 'Save'.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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