Micro USB power loss

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I've been a supporter for many years...  The micro USB seems to be failing again on my second device.  I'm not sure how this could happen since it sits out of the way, next to the router, and is barely even touched.  I noticed it dropped offline intermittently a few weeks ago, and today I noticed that if I simply move the cable slightly it will power on but only if I apply the exact right pressure.  It appears one of the pins has come loose again.   I'm afraid to remove the cable as it will probably tear the interface right off the mount point.  Is there a process to request a repair?  I've seen others have successfully re-soldered but those pins are very small.  


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    Hey @Dexter, is this a new unit, V2?  It might still be in warranty...  @Robin or @Ciaran , can you help @Dexter out?
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    Hi, I am sending you a private message as I will need more information from you to investigate further. Please reply from there. thanks
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