Can edits to the device list be saved somewhere?

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Fing does a reasonable job in identifying devices during discovery.  But often the device description will need to be fine-tuned.  For example, I have quite a few Nest devices on my network, and most are identified simply as a Nest device, not specifically a thermostat, a smoke detector, or a camera.  So, I have spent a bit of time going through my device list (I currently have 38 devices on my home network that have IP addresses), making sure that the device description and location are specific.  I did most of this work using the Fing desktop app, and after I was finished I looked for a way to save my customizations, perhaps to a local fine on my computer.  I certainly don't want to have to do this over again, should something happen to the Fing discovery.  I can't find any way to save the customizations--is there a way?

Second, somewhat related, question.  After finishing my customizations, I launched the Fing app on my iPad.  I immediately noticed that none of the customizations are carried over to the Fing iOS app!  Surely there must be a way to keep the device list synchronized across all instances of the Fing app for a specific account.  Is there not such a synchronization in place now?
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    @AustinJerry, the Fing Mobile app and the Fing desktop are two separate products from Fing's perspective. They do not share data which is probably why you're seeing the behavior you are seeing.  There are many threads in the forums from Fing that describe their position if you want to see their philosophy on their various products.

    As for the save, you could put in a separate feature enhancement request to allow saving of customization settings to a file in a separate thread.
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