How long should it take for my Fingbox to send a "Back Online" notification to me?

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I was recently notified of an outage at my home via a push notification on my mobile.  I clicked on the notification which opened the app and out of curiosity clicked the arrow in the top right of the app to display the network details. All devices were online. I ran a speed test remotely with success and closed the app. 28 minutes later I get a push notification that my Fingbox is back online.
Why did it take so long? 
Additionally I DID NOT get notified that my IP Camera went OFFLINE even though I know this notification is configured neither did I get a notification that it was BACK ONLINE.  Seems it's very hit or miss and has HUGE delays....


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    The reason you may be experiencing this issue in relation to alerts for specific devices, is that you might have changed the state change alert from default value to a different value. The usual default value is 20 minutes. Sometimes, when the device is not in use, it may go to sleep mode and then if the state change is set to the lowest value of 1 or 2 minutes, it can be recorded as offline or out of range. So, when it returns back from the sleep mode, it will be marked as 'Online' and thus providing you with an alert. If the state change alert value is set to more than 20 minutes, then until that time period is finished, that device will still be marked 'Online' and only after that time period it will be recorded as 'Offline', thus providing you with an alert. 

    In order to change the alert settings, please click on the device from the device list and then scroll down to 'State Change Timeout(auto)' . You can then set the value to at least 20 minutes. This will resolve your issue.

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