I have downloaded the Fing Android app and have 3 WiFi cameras: 1is online and 2 are offline however, I can view live video on all 3 cameras from my phone and desktop.

What does the Fing app offline actually represent?

What is the difference between the Fing Android app and Fingbox?


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    Fing Adroid is an App that functions on its own and has the ability to scan your network 'on demand', and give you information.
    The FingBOX is a device that is placed in your network and guards the network for new/unwanted devices, devices up/down and more. It does dat 24/7 and warns you is something is suspicious or wrong. For extensive information about The Box, see

    Now the reason you can only see 1 camera can be versatile, especially us not knowing what the brand/type of the camera is.
    Some camera's are set to 'standby' as long as they don;t see changes, others do not. Are you able to ping the 'offline' devices, and what do the ping results tell you?
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    What's ping?

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    Ping is a piece of code that allows you to check if a specific IP-address is reachable.
    Basically you send a signal to the IP address and it answers back if the protocol (ICMP) is allowed by the network admin or the host admin. If it is, the machine sends back a reply.
    The time between The question and the answer is calculated and shown. The shorter the reply-time, the better the connection is.

    Check this link for more details:
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