How to block someone entirely from connecting to your wifi

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Hi someone please help. My sister use to connect to my wifi before and now that I’ve changed my password and even hiding my networks. She has ways to connect to my wifi. I went to Google about it and it seems like there’s a cheat to it especially for android users, they just have to use WPS (u May Google about it) and they get to connect to your network even without passwords!! I’ve tried to block her MAC address multiple times but again, Google says MAC address can be changed. So no matter what I do she has ways to connect to my wifi. I’m using D-link 868L router. Please help. How can I block her entirely? If there’s no way to block, then what kind of apps are there to notify you when someone connects to your network? So I can immediately remove her.

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    I have some ways

    1. Disable WPS pin

    2. Use bigger WiFi paswwordv and strictly no wep usage

    3. Turn off wan remote control

    4. Mac filter off course (Add allowed client only address using block only specific address is pointless)

    5. If u use ddns service to access ur router, turn it off

    6. Turn off DHCP server use ur own static IP (change default router IP)




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    Why do you not want your sister connecting to your WiFi ? and just disable wps in your router settings.

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    Fingbox may be a solution for you also, see the following article for more details on blocking devices
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    Connect to the WAP using a browser, there you can determine the MAC of your sister's device and block it.
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    Get Their MAC Address and you should be able to block their MAC Address on the modem. 
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    Assuming you have a Fingbox, enable "auto block new devices".  Why doesn't anyone use this?  In the years I've had a Fingbox I've never had an uninvited guest connect to my wifi using this feature (and I had a house full of tech savvy teenagers too).
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