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I took delivery of a Fingbox yesterday so I'm still getting to grips with the functionality.  One of the main reasons for purchasing the unit was Digital Fence.  Looking at the data in Fence, it would appear that I am unable to grab the names of devices like iPhones unless they are on my wifi network.  I cannot see the names of any devices outside the network, only limited data like MAC address and manufacturer.  Is that correct?


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    The fence in some cases can identify a device (But not all devices will give up their info) but for most devices its there to tell you something is around your detection area and how often.  I’m going to post a snippet from Fing on what their intention for this is... (This is small portion of the whole explanation, so I left you the link to follow).  As an example of what you can do with it, regardless of a lack of device name, say you want to know when your Gardner is at your house.  Correlate one time when they are at your house, find the device, and click to alert.  Then you will be notified next time they are at your house as the fence see’s it again.  Same thing for the UPS, mail person etc...


    What Does the Fingbox DigitalFence do?

    The Fingbox DigitalFence is designed to give you visibility over all the WiFi-enabled devices within 15 meters of your Fingbox, even if they are not connected to your network.

    This feature acts as both an extra security and troubleshooting feature for your network, as well as an additional form of Digital Presence.

    • Security: people often forget that the physical security of your network is as important as the cybersecurity. Physical access to your router, or the majority of IoT devices in your home, can open easy opportunities for hacking those devices. The DigitalFence allows you to see what devices have come near your Fingbox and set alerts to watch them.
    • Troubleshooting: have a device that the Internet isn’t working on? The DigitalFence will allow you to see if that device’s WiFi antenna is still working, as well as which SSID and channel it is connected to.
    • Digital Presence: want to keep an eye on what time your dog walker arrives and leaves? Worried your kids might be having a house party whilst you are away? With the DigitalFence you can look at what is near your Fingbox is real-time and at historical logs of each device that has been within the range between set times. You can also select devices to watch and receive alerts when they move in and out of range.

    To access the DigitalFence, go to the People tab (from the Fingbox dashboard) and click on ‘Fence’

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    Thanks for the reply Marc, that's very helpful.  I did see the alerts and had considered this.  Cheers :-)
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