Network netmask (prefix length) is not tuned correctly
The link contains my Fing Report and "Home network is too wide:, up to 65536 devices."  This is the warning I am receiving.  Any idea how to fix this issue?


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    Local IP (IPv4)

    Gateway Address

    Subnet Mask

    DHCP Server

    DHCP Start Range

    DHCP End Range

    Client Lease Time

    1 Week

    Thats what I have in my Router settings. I'm also noticing my router shows up twice in the list of active devices.

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    Hi @Mallochai
    The subnet mask set on your router is of /16. The subnet mask you need is /24 which is You can either change it yourself or contact your ISP for this. Every router has multiple network interface cards which is the reason, routers are able to provide multiple frequencies(2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz). These are different access points which has their own MAC address(BSSID). The router displaying two times is due to these multiple frequencies.
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