Issue with Fing Desktop and Multi Monitor

EvilOniEvilOni Member Posts: 1
I have an issue with Fing Desktop (problem persists in Fing 2.0)

Where if I have Fing open in monitor 2 or 3 and i disconnect from said monitors. Fing will always attempt to open on the last monitor used (even if you completely close and re-open fing).

So if i have Fing running on my laptop on Monitor 2. Disconnect and go on the road, no matter what i do can i get it back on the main laptop screen.


  • MarcMarc Moderator, Beta Tester Posts: 2,153
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    @Robin, please take note, a possible bug in the Desktop software?
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    Hi @EvilOni
    Are you using any docking station or just connecting devices using an HDMI cable?
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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