Fing Desktop Beta Suggestion (Netflix Check)

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I've been using the Fing desktop app on the Mac for a while now.
I had one suggestion, at work our firewall blocks access to Netflix, this is a known limitation.  There should be a way to clear the notification and permanently disable that check. 
For that matter we should be able to clear any warning/notification.
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  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Thank you for the idea @Tariq
    I will pass on your feedback to our developers. For all other users who feel this would be beneficial, please click the 'Upvote' button. Thank you
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • muneer
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    This is a must-have feature.  A verification that "" (or bing!) is available is more beneficial than a Netflix check.
  • LanceS
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    Bumping this topic as Netflix really is a poor choice for verifying connectivity.  At the least, would be an improvement to be able to choose some provided options (Google, Amazon, Apple).  There is a good reason is widely employed.
  • Marc
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    The premium Desktop app allows you to configure additional URL's for connectivity tests.  I've put in my work portal for example and it works as expected.
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  • LanceS
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    @Marc, appreciate the clarification.  If I have to buy premium to fix my experience, I'll just uninstall. The IOS App paired with my Fingbox already provides most of the functionality I need that isn't already handled by my firewall and wi-fi management platform.