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My Fing Desktop appears to be working, but the Full Report is showing "Please wait while Fing checks your network setup" & there is no refresh option. The report does appear when I click "Full Report"

The "Scan for Devices"  for a while after, then clicking it just shows a blank page (even the column titles flash up then disappear).  It works again after a reboot but i can't keep rebooting the PC just to see the devices list

Any ideas what could be wrong?


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    Hi @crishog
    Are you using windows or mac device to run Fing Desktop?
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • crishogcrishog Member Posts: 18
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    This is Windows 10, updated last week to latest version.
    This morning the display is working (without me rebooting), so this is not an urgent problem. If it is not consistent it will be a lot more difficult to track down, I know.
    I will monitor the situation & let you know when I hae more information
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