Bug Fix Request: Fing Desktop App Windows - Display Overwrite

All and State menu pull-down selectors are locked to foreground. Popup information boxes are thus hidden behind selectors obscuring display. 
  • Fing Windows 10 App V1.41
  • Windows 10 build 18363.900
  • In the Fing Windows app, navigate to Local Network / Scan For Devices
  • Select Summary View in pull-down
  • Hover over any icon in top row
  • Notice some information box display behind the option selector obscuring provided information
An easy fix.

Comment On: There does not seem to be an "official" location to report obvious bugs. I post this here as I cannot find, either via perusal or search, such a location. Yes, with such a wide user base it is often difficult for a given user to differentiate between a bug and a "works as designed." But, by posting here, one does not get a warm and fuzzy that someone with agency will actually see this and route to the right bit twiddlers.  Suggestion: maybe there should be such a location. Maybe a curated list of known problems along with release notes so that someone can search before reporting something yet again. Always a balancing act... allocate resources to doing this, or to just fixing the bug. Anyhow, without an easy way to report an obvious bug with the knowledge that it gets to the right place (understanding that this is not a guarantee it will be resolved), it acts as a disincentive to actually report the bug. Maybe I just missed it; wouldn't be the first time. Educate me if so. Thanks for listening. Nice useful product. Soapbox Comment Off.

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  • Ciaran
    Ciaran Administrator Posts: 1,180
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    Thank you very much for your feedback & comments, much appreciated. 

    However, I just want to ensure I fully understand the feedback/suggestions before proceeding. I have followed your advise. On howvering of an icon in the top section of the summary view, I get the following:

    I dont fully understand the feedback from here. Can you confirm what you are experiencing v what you would expect? (if you had any screenshot to illustrate it would be great). Apologies if I have misinterpretted any of your previous steps. Thanks
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)

  • ChuckV
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    I'm sorry, I was not explicit in my bug reproduction description. Please hover over any of the right four icons to see the obscured text. That direction was assumed when I stated that the "All and State menu pull-down selectors are locked to foreground." Those pull-down selectors are immediately above the right four icons. Attached is a representative screen shot of the issue. You see the same effect with any of the right four icons.

  • Robin_from_Fing
    Robin_from_Fing Administrator, Fing Team Posts: 5,145
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    Thanks @ChuckV for bringing this to our attention. I have tried to recreate this and it might be a small UI bug. I have passed on this to our developers for review. Thanks again.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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