My Fing Box melted

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I just purchased a Fing box to evaluate it for my company use and it melted after 1 day's use. I'm trying to return it through Amazon, but having issues with shipping during COVID (no way to send it back). Can I please receive a refund or a new box?


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    Hi @PenguinDad22, I am very sorry to hear. We are emailing you now to get more information off of you to resolve the situation for you. 
    Please respond to that email and we will react as a matter of urgency. Thank you
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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    I had a Fingbox melt on me too.  I threw it in the trash, replaced it at my own expense, and moved on with my life.  But I thought I would mention a "me too" while I'm seeing this in a post.

    Mine had lasted a few months before melting, rather than a single day, for what it's worth.
  • PenguinDad22PenguinDad22 Member Posts: 2
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    Fing resolved this very well and sent me a new one at no expense. I'd ask for a refund.
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    I have two more Fingboxes I can’t use because I bought them for subnets that are Ethernet only and aren’t on WiFi. Apparently Fingbox doesn’t like networks like this. As soon as the WiFi is removed, Fingbox quits.

    More than having my melted box refunded, I’d be even happier if they or someone could tell me how to make Fingbox work on those subnets without me having to add WiFi, if such a thing is allowed.

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