How to configure Fing Desktop for what protocols it uses in scans and determines the internet is up?

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I am running version 1.41 on my desktop ( I am the IT person for a small rural school) and I have found out that Fing is probing all my equipment using SNMP, and my equipment is blocking my access as its anti-virus setup as it views this constant probing as a threat and that my desktop is the one with an issue. Also being in a school environment we block access to some websites without being an authenticated user (facebook, twitter etc.) as students have no need to visit these social media places as part of there curriculum. Fing on the other hand uses these sites as part of its connectivity testing. In a previous version you could at least turn the individual website tests off, but now I can not find any configuration settings at all.
Is there some advance settings page or a editible text file available to configure some of this? 


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    Hi @Ace35
    You can disable the warning for those particular websites after the scan is complete by clicking on the (?) icon which will have the option to disable the particular alert but we have never implemented the configuration to leave out few websites from the scan.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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