false outage

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I'm attaching a file - obviously as I can log in here and send this message the report is wrong



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    Hi @mashevloff, For Windows desktop connectivity issues, @Robin from Fing has offered this as a possible solution for connectivity issues when on Windows for other users.  I quote the steps below...  Let us know if it solves your issue. (Also moved this to the Fing Desktop issues section in the forums for relevance)

    Solution for this is to upgrade or reinstall the WinPcap application and it will work.
    Fing agent needs the Windows libraries which are installed with the WinPcap package during FingDesktop installation, it used to make packet capture and filtering useful our engine to protocol analyzers and network monitors. 
    Fing agent service cannot work properly without the correct installation of WinPcap.  
    Please open the command prompt and return the output: 
    sc query npf 
    it's useful to understand if the WinPcap has been installed correctly and it is running properly. 
    If possible please uninstall the older version of WinPcap and install the latest version of Win10Pcap from here and check. 
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    I expect in the coming days my windows will update to the new version, so I won't reinstall. But the problem is sporadic and the package does seem to be running normally - more of a distraction to me as I do have connectivity
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    Thanks @Marc
    To update, Our developers are investigating some issue happened after the last release of mobile apps. There is an unusual load on our servers that is saturating the resources. And because of this Fing desktop has started to send false alarms.
    As a workaround we will tune the config to try to make the server keep up but the issue on the mobile apps is under investigation.
    I hope it helps. And soon as there is some more update I will let you know.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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