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Where does the Fingbox test connectivity to determine an internet outage or connection issues? What is it pinging?


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    Hi @ColoHub, welcome to the forums...  The below link will take you to Fings page on how it does the reporting with sources... (I copied a small clip to start you off)

    Fing Outage Detection
    How automatic outage detection works and what makes it different to other solutions.
    Fing leverages a fleet of probing devices distributed worldwide, periodically sending heartbeats: disconnections are processed by real-time streaming analytics with machine learning based trending and outlier detection, i.e. self-learning thresholds to automatically detect and report outages at the ISP level or at carrier/power level

    Automatic! The outage detection and geographical impact analysis is AI based, it's automatic and works in real-time, with no need of manual report from Fing users.

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    Hi Marc,
    Thank you for trying to help out. As the ISP, Geneseo Communications,  we are working with a Fingbox customer to determine the root cause of his outage reporting. We see no issues on our end with signal strength or connectivity. We serve him from our data center approximately a mile away with fiber directly to his home. We know prior of any issues which are also extremely rare. 
    The questions we have are:
    • What is the IP address it is pinging to determine connectivity issues? Our opinion would be it best to ping the gateway and a few external sources such as Cloudflare and Google. 
    • What are the parameters of pass/fail so to speak? Do we assume if the ping fails then it reports as down, or are there further parameters specifying that if the latency is over “x” milliseconds then it reports as down?

     Our first concern is the customer perception in this case but we are also concerned about how we are reported/perceived based on 1 probe as well. 

    Any help is appreciated. 


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    Hi @ColoHub
    Note that there is a high chance that the Internet Outage is real but the users are just not experiencing it. To give you an example at my home I have an FTTH (fiber to the home) connection with Fastweb, many other people instead have FTTC (fiber to the cabinet). I receive sometimes alerts that Fastweb is down in dublin but my connection is just working fine. This means that I'm connected to a segment of the network that is not addressed by the Internet Outage, but our Internet Outage probes are detecting it, because they are probably connected to segments of network that are affected by the issue. So from my perspective, if you receive an outage that provider X is down, but your connection is actually OK, then it means that among all the customers of provider X you are among the ones with a stable connection. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thank you, the way you answered is helpful to convey to our customer. 
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    As the customer my ISP is assisting, I'll jump in hopefully to add rather than detract.  My experience over ~5 days has been buffering on streamed TV content combined with frequent recurring Fing alerts on connectivity issues with the ISP.  The Fing desktop app records them as well as the clearing of the alert after a few minutes.  I have sent screenshots of several connectivity alerts from yesterday. 

    The alert says: "You are experiencing a number of connectivity problems in......."  It gives my IP range and timestamp.  The cleared message says: "Internet and network connectivity look great in....." with a timestamp. 

    I am connected by fiber to the ISP modem then 5' of ethernet to my desktop. The ISP is rock solid and delivering bandwidth reliably. 

    So a key question is what are the parameters for "connectivity" issues as described in the alerts. 
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    Hi @RPinIA
    I have seen multiple users are facing issues with Fing desktop notifications and connection error.
    An update for the reported issue:
    Our developers are investigating some issue happened after the last release of mobile apps. There is an unusual load on our servers that is saturating the resources. And because of this Fing desktop has started to send false alarms.

    Today as a workaround we will tune the config to try to make the server keep up but the issue on the mobile apps is under investigation.
    I hope it helps. And soon as there is some more update I will let you know.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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