Any possibility to add a desktop for raspberry pi?

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Would be neat to have that connectivity
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    Hi @MStachiw , I know there has been requests to get Fingbox on a PI, the desktop is an interesting proposition  I'm going to turn this into an idea thread where you and others can vote on the feature.  Also moved this to the idea section for visibility...
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    I think this is a great proposal for multiple reasons:
    1: Network monitoring should be as OS-agnostic as possible
    2: Raspberry Pi is a platform (among other things) for teaching computer science, having Fing in that space could have many positive "unintended consequences" (for lack of a better term)
    2a: Would likely open an education sales channel for Fing (and likewise becomes a door-opener for mothership Domotz)
    3: Likewise, the hacker community, hobbyists, etc. will get people "tinkering" with the Fing platform and this could provide a treasure-trove of product and industry education to strengthen the platform on many fronts

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