9.0.1 update removed capability to temporarily disable a scheduled internet pause

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9.0.1 version of Fing App updated on 5/29/20 removed the capability to temporarily disable a scheduled internet pause by a week, day, hour, ... .  Fingbox is 1.14.17.  I use the feature to encourage chores are done by Sunday evening but need to be able to disable the pause when the goal has been completed.  Can I roll back to the previous version until the app feature is restored?

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    Thanks @Marc
    As of now, there is no workaround. Our developers have already submitted the new version to google for review. It all depends on them now when it will be clear to release. I would suggest waiting for a week or two for the new version to release which fixed the errors. 
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    Hi @grdab , what OS are you using?  @Robin from Fing recently posted this for Android and IOS...  (By the way, If your app came from the App Store, there usually s not much you can do to roll it back as its no longer available for install once the new version comes out, especially for Apple devices).  @Robin , for android can you confirm if there may be an alternate source for the version @grdab is looking for?

    Hi All,
    We are going to release Fing app version 9.0.2 for Android in few weeks which will have additional time options like mins, hours and days like before as requested. Thanks.

    Thanks . Do you know when iOS version will be scheduled ?

    Depending upon the timeframe by apple store to release, it will probably be 2-3 weeks.
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    Definitely using Android.  Thank you for addressing.
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