A Network Map to see everything?

NexxNexx Member, Beta Tester Posts: 13
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Are there any plans to add network map feature? 
It would be great to be able to see all devices on a map. 
How they are connected, whats connected/disconnected etc.
This would make troubleshooting much easier then having to look though a list of devices. 
 See screenshot below as example.  Thanks!
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  • RobinRobin Administrator, Fing Team Posts: 3,706
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    Hi @Nexx
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have voted for your idea and please make sure to upvote the initial post if other users want to get this implemented as well.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • LucBLucB Member Posts: 1
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    I really would like to have this option :)
  • FigarooFigaroo Member Posts: 1
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    I think a vector graph instead of using heavy raster images would be ideal. That way, the map could easily be serialized/deserialied to and from any device.
  • Lee_BoLee_Bo Member Posts: 273
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    My network hardware currently has this option so I personally don't need Fing to offer it.
  • ProTecKProTecK Member Posts: 55
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    Most consumer grade and small business network hardware wouldn't support this feature. Something like this would require all the devices to perform the mapping, it's not possible for a single device to do it Without input from the other network devices. I have seen software claim it can create these maps, but every one of them required somebody to manually move the detected devices into the proper location in the mapping software.
  • kltaylorkltaylor Moderator, Beta Tester Posts: 1,231
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    OMG I remember using that application in the screenshot, and I just added +1 to the vote.  This would be huge, if for nothing else but that 'wow' factor.
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  • blasterdaddyblasterdaddy Member Posts: 2
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    This is a great idea, i used to use the program the post shows a picture of.  Cant remember the name of it, but Linksys purchased them, and then Cisco purchased Linksys and gave some lame excuse for ending support of the application.  I still have the software laying around someplace, but the servers are all gone to authenticate it.  
    FING, yes please do this.  Desktop app is a step in the right direction.
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