Help please friends.

Hello friends, I am new to this group, good evening, I just bought a used fingbox, the thing is that you have the account of the previous owner, I came and reset it at the factory. I installed it but it does not throw away all the options that it has to show me, I no longer have contact with the previous owner to ask for help, some of you can help me, thanks for your support.


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    Hi @Willyams...  I moved this to the account change area for you for relevance.  @Ciaran or @Robin , can you please help out?  @Willyams I expect that you will need to provide some specific info on the unit privately to the Fing folks once they respond.
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    Thank you. For security & privacy reasons we do need to verify the user. I will message you privately to do this and assist further. Thank you also to @Marc for highlighting, always a great help to the rest of the Community. 
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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